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Photo is taken from http://perm.hotel.uralregion.ru/english/about/photo/khokhlovka Khokhlovka. Open-air ethnography and wooden architecture

Provided by Anatoly Povarnitsyn
Yearly Perm exhibition of the snowy sculptures



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Preliminary list of talks:

Alexandr Anufriev (Sofia) Layer generation of geomagnetic field
Axel Brandenburg (Copenhagen) Shearing and embedding box simulations of the MRI
Javier Burguete (Navarre) Influence of time-dependent flows on the onset of the dynamo action
Otto Chkhetiani (Moscow) Propagation of waves and structures in gyrotropic turbulent plasma
Stirling A. Colgate (Los Alamos) NMTech Liquid Sodium Dynamo Experiment
Cary Forest (Madison) Overview of results from the Madison Dynamo Experiment
Peter Frick (Perm) Nonstationary dynamo experiment
Agris Gailitis (Salaspils) New measurements of magnetic fields, pressure and velocity at the Riga dynamo experiment
Gunter Gerbeth (Dresden) Proposal for a Taylor-Dean experiment to investigate the magnetorotational instability
Uwe Guenther (Dresden) The beauty of spherically symmetric $\alpha^2$-dynamos:Exceptional points, oscillations, and chaotic reversals
Lev Ingel (Obninsk) On the peculiarities of dynamics of the two-component stratified rotating media
Maxim Kalashnik (Obninsk) Dynamics of wave and vortex disturbances in the shear flows of the rotating fluid
Maxim Kalashnik (Obninsk) Structure and stability of vortex flows, generated in the rotating paraboloid by the source-sink system
Robert Kerr (Warwick) The temperature variance budgets in Rayleigh-B\'enard convection
Stanislav Khripchenko (Perm) Electrovortex and magnetovortex flows of liquid metals
Leonid Kitchatinov (Irkutsk) Astrophysical dynamos by magnetorotational instability
Ilya Kolesnichenko (Perm) will be announced
Michael Kurgansky (Concepcion) Simple scaling theory of intense atmospheric vortices based on a kinetic dynamo concept
Kirill Kuzanyan (Moscow) Helicity and the solar dynamo: observational background
Daniel Perry Lathrop (Maryland) Liquid Sodium Laboratory Models of the Earth's Outer Core
Jacques Leorat (Meudon) Precession driving of flows at high magnetic Reynolds numbers
Galina Levina (Perm) Helical-Vortex Instability in a Convectively Unstable Fluid: Origin and Simulation
Alexandr Likhachev (Moscow) Hypersonic Flow over Body in Magnetic Fields of Different. Configuration: Dissipative Magnetic Hydrodynamics
Jumber Lominadze (Tbilisi) On helical nature of hydrodynamic turbulence of disk flows
Dmitriy Markovich (Novosibirsk) PIV diagnostics of complex turbulent flows with developed large-scale structures
Dmitriy Markovich (Novosibirsk) Turbulent Energy Balance In Free And Confined Jet Flows (poster)
Krzysztof Mizerski (Warsaw) Stability of MHD Elliptical Flow
David Moss (Manchester) Dynamo models and the `flip-flop' phenomenon in late-type stars
David Moss (Manchester) Modelling the magnetic field of the barred galaxy NGC1365 (poster)
Henri-Claude Nataf (Grenoble) DTS : a liquid sodium experiment in the magnetostrophic regime
Mark Nornberg (Madison) Velocity field tomography of the Madison Dynamo Experiment using external magnetic perturbations
Vitaly Noskov (Perm) will be announced
Igor Patrikeyev (Perm) Wavelet analysis for cross-helicity in solar active rigions
Jean-Francois Pinton (Lyon) Dynamo experiments
Valery Pipin (Irkutsk) On the $\alpha$-effect and helicities for the fast differentially rotating stratified magnetized flows
Elena Popova (Perm) Anharmonicity of stellar cycles: A wavelet quantification
Mike Proctor (Cambridge) Small-scale magnetic induction and dynamo action in low magnetic Prandtl number media
Karl-Heinz Raedler (Potsdam) Dynamo theory and its experimental validation: earlier attempts and perspectives
Karl-Heinz Raedler (Potsdam) The Karlsruhe dynamo experiment: a survey on the results
Florent Ravelet (Saclay) Towards a von K\'arm\'an dynamo: numerical studies based on experimental flows
Maxim Reshetnyak (Moscow) Geodynamo simulations and turbulent modelling
Igor Rogachevskii (Beer-Sheva) Effect of differential and uniform rotation on nonlinear electromotive force and mean-field magnetic dynamos
Nathanael Schaeffer (Grenoble) Quasi-geostrophic dynamos at low Pm
Victor Semikoz (Moscow) Parity nonconservation and generation mechanism of mean magnetic field in early universe plasma driven by neutrinos
Igor Shardakov (Perm) Optimization and design of toroidal dynamo set-up
Anvar Shukurov (Newcastle) Measuring magnetic helicities in the interstellar medium
Dmitry Sokoloff (Moscow) Dynamo wave nearby stellar equator
Frank Stefani (Dresden) Have we understood the Riga dynamo?
Rodion Stepanov (Perm) On the mean electromotive force in a screw dynamo
Andrey Sukhanovsky (Perm) Experimental study of a spiral vortex over a localized heat source in a rotating layer of fluid
Andre Thess (Ilmenau) Transition from two-dimensional to three-dimensional MHD turbulence
Romain Volk (Lyon) Fluctuations of magnetic induction profiles in the Von K\'{a}rm\'{a}n Gallium experiment
Mingtian Xu (Dresden) On the integral equation approach and some related inverse problems in MHD
Oleg Zikanov (Dearborn) Numerical simulations of anisotropic MHD turbulence


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