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Perm Region

Photo is taken from http://perm.hotel.uralregion.ru/english/about/photo/khokhlovka Khokhlovka. Open-air ethnography and wooden architecture

Provided by Anatoly Povarnitsyn
Yearly Perm exhibition of the snowy sculptures



Photos from Workshop

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Photo session 2
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The aim of the meeting is to bring together experts in dynamo experiments, dynamo theories and astrophysical applications to discuss new and proposed dynamo experiments in the context of astrophysical dynamos.

Scientific Committee:
A. Brandenburg (Copenhagen, Denmark)
B. Dubrulle (Saclay, France)
C. Forest (Madison, USA)
P. Frick (Perm, Russia) - chairman
A. Gailitis (Riga, Latvia)
G. Gerbeth (Rossendorf, Germany)
V. Matveenko (Perm,Russia)
M.R.E. Proctor (Cambridge, UK)
D. Sokoloff (Moscow, Russia)
A. Shukurov (Newcastle, UK)

Contact persons:
Peter Frick frick@icmm.ru
Rodion Stepanov rodion@icmm.ru

Last updated
February 18, 2005

Provided by Wolfgang Dobler